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Professional guitar repairs in Belfast

RNR Workshop :: specialising in maintenance of guitars, amplifiers, and pedalboards for hard-working guitarists


Experience, care, and attention to detail

Your gear is in safe hands at RNR. Owner Leif B, a guitar technician since 1995, has looked after some big names on and off the road: Ash, Bloc Party, and Leonard Cohen to name a few.

"In twenty-two years of guitar & amp repair, rig assembly, pedalboard design and problem-solving, you learn that every big thing is made of loads of little things – little things matter." 

Quick list of services:

  • Guitar setups & repair
  • fret dressing
  • wiring & pickup installation
  • customisation
  • amp repair & diagnostics
  • cable repair
  • pedalboard assembly & maintenance 
Guitar setups
To get your gear in shape call RNR Workshop 
078 11 22 55 91
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