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Guitar repair

electrics :: acoustics :: basses

  • Cleanup, restring & tune: £15 plus strings
  • Fret dressing/levelling: usually £30 – will usually require setup
  • Nut replacement: £20-50 depending on material
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Wiring, pickup installation/swapping, modifications, routing, switching, coil taps etc., are charged at £20 per hour, and an estimate will be given upon inspection

At this time, a re-fretting service is not offered
Payment: Bank transfer is preferable for bills over £50 but you can also pay by cash. Funds need to be transferred before work is released. You can also pay via PayPal but an additional fee is applicable. (Currently 3.4% +20p)

Receipts: Every job is on the books.
VAT: RNR is not VAT registered, so the price you see is the price you pay.
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